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Reem The Queen

Weekly 50/50 fundraisor for our favorite charities

Reem the Queen is a 50/50 fundraiser draw that is a 100% non-profit. The charity is Children's Mental Health Toronto.

Our east coasters are raking in the dough with this exciting 50/50 fundraiser so I decided that we should too. They call it Chase the Ace but our name is catchy as well. 

Ready to play! Let's win $$$ and give $$$!!!
Good luck to all!




• 50/50 Raffle ticket draw and card pick 

Prize pot grows larger every week!

Contest continues with the same deck of cards until the Queen of Spades is drawn

 Once the Queen is drawn – new contest begins

No limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased for a draw

Players must be minimum age of 19 yrs.

This is a 100% Non-Profit Fundraiser

October's Charity pick is:
The Toronto Humane Society

Here's the weekly breakdown of where the funds go:
20% goes the winning ticket holder
30% goes to the accumulated jackpot for the Reem the Queen 
50% goes to a local charity of choice each month

1 TICKET   $5.00
3 TICKETS $10.00
7 TICKETS $20.00

TIME: Every Second Thursday at 7:30pm
LOCATION: Swiss Pick Restaurant

Note: The winning ticket holder does not have to be present to win. They can assign a person to pick their card for them. Video will be provided of every draw. 

Check out our Facebook group for updates, winners, and donations to our favourite local charities.
Reem the Queen

CARDS MUST NOT BE CUT. Cards are to be shuffled, spread out on the table and mixed sufficiently. When it’s time for card selection by the ticket winner, the winner puts ONE finger on the selected card. Winner will then pick someone (card mascot) to remove all surrounding cards while the ticket winner holds their finger on the card. Once all surrounding cards have been removed, the selected card will be turned over by the card mascot.

If the Queen of Spades is selected, the winner receives the jackpot. Otherwise, the jackpot amount carries forward to the next draw and the details of the selected card are logged and the card destroyed. Eliminated cards are kept separate and a list of all cards removed and the cards themselves are available for anyone who wished to view them.
The cards will be displayed in such a manner as to reveal that the Queen of Spades is in the deck (**This must be done before and after the ticket winner selects a card)
• The winning number will be announced both verbally and displayed visually.
• In the event of Storms/cancelations. The event will continue as usual on the following Thursday.
• If tickets are purchased by a third party, all prize money will be awarded to the ticket holder.
• For safety reasons, it is recommended that the maximum amount of cash given to a draw winner, on site, be limited to $1,000.00. A winner of more than that sum will be provided with proof of having won ( a signed chit including name and address) and a discreet meeting will be arranged to pay balance of winnings to winner. E-transfers are also offered as a payment option. They will be required to show government ID, the signed chit demonstrating proof of winning the draw and the winning ticket.

Our Favorite Charities
There are many worth while charities out there so we thought instead of picking one, we would split the proceeds and donate to as many as we possibly could. Here are a the charities
that will benefit from the early stages of our fundraising efforts.
As we grow, we intend to add more. 
We are open to recoomendations.
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director