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Frequently asked questions

  1. What are tax filings?
    Included in your package are the following tax filings: HST/GST tax return(s) Submitting and remitting payroll to your CRA payroll account Tax slips (i.e. T3, T4 and T5) are issued and filed on your behalf
  2. How do you process monthly fees?
    Your monthly bookkeeping fees are processed at the beginning of each month. We take Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, EFT, and Interac Email Transfers. Our work is guaranteed to be on time and accurate! If you are not satisfied we will refund you your last months fees.
  3. Can I create my own customized package?
    Sure! We can customize a plan that fits your business needs. The plans outlined are a general guideline for common business structures. For example, if you do not need full bookkeeping service and want to enter your own data but require reconciliations, tax filings, and financial reporting, we will customize this for you.
  4. Can I switch to your services in mid year?
    We will ensure continuity of your bookkeeping is kept intact if you decide to switch the bookkeeping function or your accounting system part-way through a fiscal year. All we need is your last trial balance or tax return and we can either continue booking the transactions with your current system, or roll forward the last trial balance to a new system.
  5. Can I just do hourly bookkeeping instead of packaged rate?
    Absolutely. We have tried to provide simplified value pricing options, however even the SOLO pricing tier may be too much for some of our start-up clients. In this case, we can bill on a per-hour basis.
  6. Is there any additional setup cost?
    No. As a business owner you don’t have to worry about incurring any setup costs. We will make sure that your accounting software is set up before our bookkeepers start working on your files.
  7. How do I send my documents and receipts?
    All documents and receipts can be picked up or scanned to a secure backed up online data storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. We use an app called Hubdoc which will fetch bank & credit card statements, plus store and save all your receipts. Hubdoc saves you more money and time because it fetches monthly recurring bills and account statements automatically.
  8. What kind of training do you provide to my employees and me?
    We provide training on all accounting processes for QuickBooks, Xero, and Freshbooks. Our training will assist you in collaborating your financial records and other documents with ease using our cloud based accounting system and data storage portal.

What is the bookkeeping process?

​Bank feeds are automatically fed daily from your financial institution to Quickbooks Online or Xero. Once pushed into the Quickbooks, our accountants will apply the appropriate accounting treatment whether it is a deposit from a customer or a cheque to a supplier. Credit card statements can also be linked directly, and the expenses are categorized accordingly. If our bookkeepers run into any issues where further clarification is needed, these questions will be accumulated and sent to you periodically. At the end of the month, the bank accounts are reconciled in the accounting system to ensure accuracy and provide data for financial reporting.

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